Rules and Guidelines State Capitol Exhibit and TASA/TASB Exhibit

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1 Rules and Guidelines State Capitol Exhibit and TASA/TASB Exhibit Entry Fee: Each entry will be assessed a fee at $10 per piece. This fee helps to cover the cost of returning artwork, mailing notifications and printing programs and certificates. ONLINE REGISTRATION IS MANDATORY FOR TAEA SPONSORED EXHIBITS. Please check with your District Coordinator/Supervisor about the online registration process for your area. Online registration: October 5 December 7, 2018 for State Capitol Exhibit August 10 September 14, 2018 for TASA/TASB Exhibit After you have registered online, proofread ALL data entered. Check to make sure all names and addresses are entered correct. Enter information using normal punctuation. DO NOT USE ALL CAPS OR ALL LOWERCASE LETTERS WHEN ENTERING DATA. All artwork labels, mailing labels, certificates and program contents are generated from YOUR ONLINE ENTRY TYPING! School District Rules and guidelines for entries: Over 25,000 students, eight (8) entries: $ ,000 to 25,000 students, six (6) entries: $60.00 Less than 10,000 students, three (3) entries: $30.00 Private and Single Schools, one (1) entry: $10.00 Requirements: Make checks payable to TAEA/YAM and mail directly to TAEA Headquarters, Proton Rd., Suite 100, Dallas, TX, Credit Card payments accepted by calling ext A teacher who is a TAEA member may submit ONE artwork. Teachers who teach on more than one campus may submit one artwork from each campus. - Students in grades Pre K through 12 may participate. - Individual entries only NO GROUP PROJECTS - 2-D flat work, please fix charcoals and pastels. - * NEW* 3-D media, submit and mat one high resolution photo along with either two smaller additional view photos OR a QR code to a short video or 3D rendered image. - NO STRETCHED CANVAS OR WOOD This artwork will not be hung as the display panels are made for lightweight work. - Maximum size of entry (includes mat) 24 X WHITE mat only, no acetate, no frames or glass. Make sure artwork is securely matted. - Neat, high quality student work created within the calendar year should be sent. - NO COPY WORK or plagiarism. In keeping with the TEKS, artwork must be original in thought, design, and execution. Copying or reproducing a published images is not original and will not be selected. - Students own photographs or student-directed photographs may be used as a source; teacher s photographs should not be used. 14

2 - Photographs that are painted or drawn over must be the student s original or student directed photograph, not one that has been published. - Images should not be traced with the use of any projection device. - All entries must be created solely and exclusively by the student. No one other than the artist of record may work directly on or manipulate any artwork entered in YAM or TASB; this includes parents, teachers/sponsors, private teachers, mentors, or other collaborators. - Artwork submitted for YAM or TASB may only be entered for one of these events. If a work is shown. The same work may not be re-entered in the other event. - Artwork content must be appropriate for the school, community and for young people. Artwork with questionable content will not be selected. Labeling: - Use the student artwork permission form in this book, and on Do not use older versions of this form. - Make 3 copies of the student artwork permission form. Attach the original one to the art and keep one for your records. The third is sent in the large envelope. - Ship all district entries in a sturdy, reusable box. Please use smallest box possible that is appropriate for the size of entries for storage purposes. - To prevent shipping damage, pack artwork in a flat cardboard box. You can tape the large envelope securely to the box or place it inside the box. - In a large envelope, place the following: - One copy of each complete student artwork permission form - A return mailing label. The return address must be a school or place of business; no home address or PO Box address. - District Artwork Inventory List NOTE: TAEA is not responsible for damaged or lost artwork. Mail entries to : Gretchen Bell TAEA YAM VP c/o Hairgrove Elementary 7120 N. Eldridge Pkwy Houston, TX

3 THIS IS WHAT YOUR ARTWORK SHOULD LOOK LIKE YAM Flag Design Contest: scan and BOTH the YAM Flag Design Entry Form and the Student/Parent Artwork Release Form YAM State Capitol Exhibit and TASA/TASB Exhibit FRONT ARTWORK - WHITE mat - Not too heavy to hang with Velcro dots - Cover sheet (to protect artwork; attached to the back and flipped to cover the front of the artwork - Do not tape over the forms - 3-D one high-resolution photo with two smaller additional views or a QR code to a short video or 3D rendered image BACK - Attach original Student/Parent Artwork Release Form - Attach in the direction the art should hang OR draw an UP arrow indicating hanging direction 16

4 STUDENT ARTWORK PERMISSION FORM TASA/TASB Teacher Association of School Administrators & Texas Association of School Boards Convention Art Exhibit, YAM Flag Design Contest, and YAM State Capitol Exhibit. I agree to allow my art to be part of the Texas Art Education Association s exhibit. In doing so, I release TAEA and its agents from any and all responsibility in the event of loss or damage to my artwork. I agree to allow my art to be displayed, photographed and/or published for educational, non-profit, visual art publications and exhibitions, including TAEA s online gallery and Texas Education Agency (TEA). District (Full Name) Student Name Grade Title of Artwork Medium School (Full Name) School Address City Zip Code Phone # Dr. Mr. Mrs. Ms. Teacher s Name TAEA # Teacher s Teacher s home/cell phone # Dr. Mr. Mrs. Ms. Principal s Name Principal s Dr. Mr. Mrs. Ms. Superintendent s Name Superintendent s Superintendent s address City Zip Code Student Signature Parent Signature (required if student is under 18) *Parent Student Address City Zip Code Home phone # 17

5 FORMA DEL PERMISO DEL ESTUDIANTE Competencia del diseno de la bandera, objecto expuesto del Capital del estado, Asociacion de Tejas de los tableros de la escuela (TASB) y la asociacion de Tejas de la demostracion del arte la convencion de los administradores de la escuela (TASA) Yo doy para que mi arte forme parte de la exposicion de Texas Art Education Association. Haciendo esto, yo quito toda responsabilidad a TAEA y a sus agentes en caso de perdida o dano a mi obra de arte. Yo doy permiso para que mi obra sea expuesta, fotografiada y/o publicada para propositoes educacionales, no lucrativos, publicaciones de arte visual y exhibiciones, como TAEA y TEA (Texas Education Agency), el exhibicion electronico. Del Districto Nombre del Estudiante Grado Nombre de ilustraciones Del trabajo de arte Nombre del Escuela Direccion del Escuela Ciudad Codigo Postal Telefono # Nombre de la Maestra/Maestro TAEA # Correa electronico del Maestra/Maestro Telefono de la Maestra/Maestro Nombre del Director de Escuela Correo electronico del Director de Escuela Nombre del Superintendente Correo electronico del Superintendente Direccion del Superintendente Ciudad Codigo Postal Firma del Estudiante Firma de los Padres (requerido si es menor de 18 anos de los Padres Direccion del Estudiante Ciudad Codigo Postal Telefono de los Padres 18